1st Annual Wellness Event Review, A Great Success!

The Buffalo Hiking Group’s 1st Annual Wellness Event turned out awesome!  Guests filed in at noon and soon the conference room at Minty Wellness was packed with attendees eager to learn from Health Coach Jennifer Henning of Nourish and Grow Health Coaching about “The Benefits of Eating More Plants”.  She gave some insightful information on how foods and their Acid/Alkaline levels can drastically affect our health as well as environmental benefits and financial benefits of adding more plants into our diets.

After Jennifer’s presentation we ventured up to the restaurant and since it was such a beautiful day out, we all decided to eat lunch on the outdoor patio of Minty Wellness.  The servers began by serving ice cold filtered water (which was great on such a hot day!), the next dish they brought out was a delightful garden salad with a delicious house dressing.  The timing was perfect because just after we finished our salads the server began bringing out our main dishes.  I had the Roasted Marinated Portabello Panini topped with tofu, lettuce, tomato and dressing.  Served with it was homemade potato chips.  The panini was magnificent there was just enough food because it didn’t leave me hungry or over stuffed.  The servers finished off the meal with a wonderful melon sorbet that was cool and refreshing!

Once everyone finished their meals the owner of Minty Wellness gave all the attendees of the event a complete tour of all that Minty Wellness has to offer.  Attendees were led through each of the differently styled. elegant guest rooms as well as the spa area of the resort and went over all that Minty Wellness had to offer.  The entire place is charming and very well styled. 

After our tour of the resort, we changed into our outdoor attired and was led by David of Minty Wellness on a 90 minute hike along the trails of Minty Wellness.  We weren’t fortunate enough to see any wildlife but the forest and wild flowers were a beautiful sight as we wound our way around the property.

We ended our day after the hike at 4pm, educated, well fed and tired and every had a great time!  We’d like to thank Jennifer of Nourish and Grow Health Coaching for putting together the awesome presentation, Linda of Minty Wellness for allowing us to have the event at Minty Wellness and all her help with coordinating the event, David of Minty Wellness for the tours of the resort and for leading the great hike on the nature trails, and last by not least…all of you who attended this event and made it possible.

We will plan this again next year and we’ll work on making it even bigger and better, maybe adding some natural product vendors and things like that.  If you are interested in displaying contact chris@buffalohiking.com 





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